Leesa Rayton Design Plus


All pieces use vitreous enamels. This means that thin layers of glass are fused to the fine silver base at high temperatures. Fine silver is 999 per 1,000 parts silver (99%) and is too soft to use for ear wires/posts and other connections to chains etc., which is why sterling silver is also used for these parts of the design. Sterling silver is an alloy that has 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, which makes it slightly harder.

The enamels I use come in the form of powders or as lumps, which need to be ground to form a powder. I use both dry (e.g. sieving) and wet application techniques, using either a quill or a very, very fine artist paintbrush to apply the enamel.

I use both transparent and opaque enamels, dependent upon which technique is required for the design. Cloisonne uses fine silver wires to separate areas of the piece into different cells. Plique a jour also uses cells for the enamel, however there’s no backing to this and so lets the light though, similar to a stained glass window.